Our Products

MBLog Mini

High frequency, low-cost tri-axial acceleration data logger. All of our designs are highly modular (e.g. battery, size, recording duration, sampling frequency).

We are happy to modify our units to fit the specifics need for your study.

Product Information
    •    Digital accelerometer for motion and tilt sensing
    •    Sampling frequency is user selectable for frequencies ranging from XXHz to as high as XXkHz.  
    •    Low-cost (starting at $250)
    •    Depth-tested pressure case (up to 100m)
    •    Removable micro SD card, stores up to XXGB
    •    Customizable sampling frequency as high as 1kHz
    •    Rechargeable lithium batteries (modular)
    •    Specifications
    •    Board: 34 x 12 mm
    •    Battery (single pack): 27 x 13 mm
    •    Pressure case: 55 x 17 mm
    •    Accelerometer Specifics